Friday, May 27, 2011

Time to stop putting it off...

I had been putting off posting in the hopes that some miracle might happen.... but its time to bite the bullet.

Unfortunately the beautiful little eggie didnt take. Its funny, because even though my part is done and dusted, I really feel like I have let my IPs down. I know I have no control over how that part of things plays out (well, in all reality I have almost no control in how ANY of it plays out.... just the docs and drug amounts I guess!) but I still keep thinking back, and wondering if I could have done something 'better' lol. Silly eh.

My IPs are amazing as usual, after so much heartache and so many failed cycles I guess one more just falls into the crap pile un-noticed. I do wonder a little though if she was acting less disappointed than she truly felt, so I wouldnt feel too bad about it all. They have always worried more about me than they have about themselves, such an amazing selfless couple who I would cycle for 100 times if they needed me to.

So, what is the plan now you ask?? My Current IPs have their second frosty baby on ice - which they will transfer when they feel ready. So I will keep you updated on how they are doing. I can imagine that even if (when!) this next egg takes I will be cycling for them in the future again anyway.... for siblings (what do you think guys?? x x)

Next on the books, I have been speaking to a beautiful woman in Sydney. It originally started out as a genuine friendship, but we found we really clicked, and so the planning has begun! :) We are waiting on a few more test results at their end, and for Melbourne to release my records, then hopefully we will be all go! I am back on the pill to prepare, and already look like a hormonal teen (I thought the pill was supposed to make your skin BETTER!?)

Bring it on!

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