Saturday, April 30, 2011

So close!

Everything is going wonderful, I had a scan on Friday (also last Wed but unfortunately the girl didnt provide enough details) and all the little Follies are looking wonderful, and growing nicely!! We really didnt think the small amount of drugs I was jabbing would be enough for decent results, but it seems it has been perfect!! From the scan results fri, it looks as if we might have around 11 eggs, which is an ok number. I would have hoped for a few more, but I think in the IVF world 11 is nothing to frown at. I have another scan first thing Tues morn, and it looks like I will triggering (a different drug I have to inject to mature the eggs) on tues night, fly out wed, collection thurs morn!! SO this is the week.... lot of fingers crossed please... and I will let you know how Tues goes! x x

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Dont we all just love tummy bugs? Its one of my worst fears, if anyone even mentions the word 'Tummy bug' around me, ESPECIALLY if it is something along the lines of "Charlie had a tummy bug yesterday" - look out, because you will be my least favourite person for a while.... Keep your kid at home!!!! Im guessing Corben (my middle sprog) picked it up at preschool - I thought it was a good idea to send him for that extra day at the time... not so much after...

But on a positive note, it seemed to be Norwalk virus, which is reasonably mild, a few chucks and its over and done with. Only one end to worry about, and nice and short lived. All 3 kids ended up with it, I have to admit I was almost in tears when the wee fella was vomiting - its not an easy thing to watch, but Im just thankful it wasnt one that lasted longer. I had some lovely tummy pains yesterday, and felt a bit off, but nothing came of it so Im hoping my body managed to get the upper hand. Hubby seems to have escaped it too, which is the biggest bonus.

So, back to business! Day 3 of jabbing today, and its going great. Day 1 I was nervous, but excited, its such a huge step forward and to be at this stage feels like the final sprint to the finish line. Day 2 hubby watched, I was hoping for a bit of a giggle - I thought he might pale up a bit, but he was sweet as hehe. Today the kids decided they wanted to watch, which I am absolutely ok with, I think my excessive needle phobia came from seeing my mother almost hysterical when it came time for a needle, so I feel that exposing the kids to the fact that its really no big deal and the pain (if any) is very short lived will help them to avoid the fears I had of needles.

Over all I have been feeling fab, the odd headaches I had been getting are gone as expected and other than a current lack of sleep from night spew duty I still feel full of energy. I have a scan at 8.20am Wednesday morning to see how many follies have decided to respond and start their journey... (gosh isnt it amazing to think those little follies could become little babies...) hopefully a nice average amount.

Sending out lots of sticky vibes this weekend for someone I love very much x x x

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The time as come.....!

My IP and I both had our scans today, hers went great, as did mine! I have a pretty massive amount of follies, 15 on one and 18 on the other, so hopefully the nice low amount of GonalF (this is the drug I have to inject, which will possibly start tonight!) will mean that only half will mature, and the risk of overstim wont be an issue. :) How exciting, its amazing to think this has all been in the works for almost a year, and in a couple of weeks hopefully a beautiful little eggie will be nice and sticky for my IPs!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4 days in and feeling amazing...

I thought Id better pop by and update how everything is going! I have been getting used to the taste of the spray (well, lets say learnt to tolerate!) and each time my alarm rings to tell me its time, Im surprised another half day has passed.

So far I am feeling amazing, I had a chat to my IP who told me the first week or so your hormones actually increase from the Synarel, so Im guessing thats why Im feeling so great! I am just crossing my fingers when they plummet in the next few days I dont feel like I have been hit by a truck! No worries if I do though... thats what my gorgeous husband is for ;) hehe.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ready... set.... GO!

This morning I had my first sniff of Synarel! (Everybody say YAY!)
I got up, and checked my emails, and I had a step by step of how to use my nose spray from my IP.. hehe, which I thought was very cute (Thank you...)  ;) Luckily she warned me of the horrible taste that you experience a short while after spraying.... and luckily I had toast on hand! 
How was it? Well, it didnt burn as much as I thought it would, but it definitely tastes like crap! I have one spray morning, and one spray night. I will stop the pill next week, then have a scan after my AF - if all is good the jabbing will begin!

Thank you to everyone who has been following and commenting, fingers crossed for some good results :) x x