Saturday, April 30, 2011

So close!

Everything is going wonderful, I had a scan on Friday (also last Wed but unfortunately the girl didnt provide enough details) and all the little Follies are looking wonderful, and growing nicely!! We really didnt think the small amount of drugs I was jabbing would be enough for decent results, but it seems it has been perfect!! From the scan results fri, it looks as if we might have around 11 eggs, which is an ok number. I would have hoped for a few more, but I think in the IVF world 11 is nothing to frown at. I have another scan first thing Tues morn, and it looks like I will triggering (a different drug I have to inject to mature the eggs) on tues night, fly out wed, collection thurs morn!! SO this is the week.... lot of fingers crossed please... and I will let you know how Tues goes! x x

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